Witches in the Woods

Rumors had been circulating amongst the locals about the property on Elpis Road.  Residents had claimed to see glimpses of shadows running within the trees.  Flames and smoke from large bonfires assaulted the senses and on evenings when the moon was full, screams and laughter could be heard echoing through the forest.  Many could successfully […]

Stagnitta Fishing

In honor of the start of the fishing season, I’m posting a 1965 video featuring Joe Stagnitta’s fishing trip.  This video was converted from 8mm tape to MP4 format.  The original source was given to me by Margaret Fanizzi, with the original source taped by Sam Fanizzi.  I believe that Joey is the younger man […]

Il principio de Storto a Castellino

According to my great aunt, Margaret (Storto) Fanizzi, this was the only known document brought over from Italy when her parents came to the United States.  She and my great uncle Sam translated the Italian for me.  Below are the scanned image, the typed translation in Italian and the English conversion. Original Transcription Il principio […]

William F. Wheeler – In His Own Words

The Memories of William Wheeler   Forward In the later years of his life, Bill Wheeler had created a series of audio tapes where, after the encouragement of his family, he recorded highlights of his early life.  This document, taken from the written transcript of these recordings, highlights the time frame between 1906 and 1940.  […]