Czaja Graduation Party

Below is a short video from a joint party (Diane and Theresa) in 1968. This clip is shot in the backyard of Helen and Eddie’s house on West Matson Ave., Syracuse, probably by Sam Fanizzi. Nice to see many of the great aunts and uncles.

Witches in the Woods

Rumors had been circulating amongst the locals about the property on Elpis Road.  Residents had claimed to see glimpses of shadows running within the trees.  Flames and smoke from large bonfires assaulted the senses and on evenings when the moon was full, screams and laughter could be heard echoing through the forest.  Many could successfully […]

William F. Wheeler – Rough Riders Files

The following is a list of various newspaper clippings of William F. Wheeler and the Rough Riders of Oneida’s Troop D. 1929 Clippings 1929-08-25 – (Oneida) “Annual Field Day Troop ‘D’” Part 1 | Part 2 1933 Clippings 1933-06-13 – (Oneida) “Trooper Field Day Is Set For Aug. 12“ 1933-06-13 – (Oneida) “Riding Team To Take Part In […]

William F. Wheeler – Case Files

The following is a listing of various newspaper clippings of cases that William F. Wheeler worked on while serving in the New York State Troopers. — gmsc 1929 Clippings 07-18-1929 – (Oneida) “Woman Found Dead in Yard Stroke Victim“ 07-20-1929 – (Oneida) “Woman Tossed From An Auto“ 07-20-1929 – (Oneida) “2 Runaway Youths Held by Troopers“ […]

Walter’s Loomis Gang

After just finishing Nile Mile Swamp by Harriet McDougal Daniels, I was excited to learn more about the Loomis Gang.  What happened to poor misunderstood Plum?  Was the story of Wash based on fact or sensationalized for Daniels’ story?  Just a few pages into Walter’s book and it became immediately apparent that the Loomis family was […]