Minetto Map & Journals

This semester I enrolled in a class called “Mapping: Visual and Textual Structure”. In our first residency we discussed the definition of a map as it may apply in it’s abstract form. In short, we identified unconventional objects that told a story, illustrating the journey from one place or time to another. I believe that […]


Seaman Sacrifices

“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” — Benjamin Disraeli The foundation of our freedom has been built on the patriotism shouldered by our ancestors.  As children, we are taught about our country’s birth and evolution depicted through the eyes of our prolific leaders. […]


From a Mill in Minetto

Table of Contents Introduction The Early Years Company & Country Company & Community Post World War II The Cleanup References Introduction Throughout our history, manufacturing and industrialization have led to the creation, as well as the destruction, of many small towns. The Town of Minetto, located in Central New York, is just such an example. […]


Through the Eyes of a Soldier

Santo "Sam" P. Fanizzi

  Santo P. Fanizzi was my great uncle.  He was drafted into the United States Army on June 27th, 1944 and was discharged on June 2nd, 1946. During his service, he participated in military campaigns in Central Europe, Rhineland and Ardennes.  As a T3/T5 mechanic, he performed major maintenance and repair work on all types […]


Ephraim Webster: Part 3

Depiction of Ephraim Webster's home on Valley Drive (Syracuse Journal, 1895)

Table of Contents Childhood The Revolutionary War Post Revolutionary War The Birth of a Community Webster’s Wives The War of 1812 Webster’s Square Mile / Webster’s Half Mile Ephraim’s Death Rand Tract and Webster’s Pond Historical Legacy Works Cited Webster’s Square Mile / Webster’s Half Mile Webster’s initial trading camp, Webster’s Landing, just south of […]