Kay Wheeler’s Memories: Part 3

Table of Contents Introduction John Henry Crouch and Eliza Ann View John Cook and Mary Frances McDermott Joseph Quigg and Mary Frances Cook Agnes, Edward, Marion and Butsy Quigg Harry Crouch Rose Esther Quigg Crouch Pre-Minetto Minetto Burt House River Road Crown Avenue Dolls Girl Scouts Education Swimming Skating Bridge Holidays Doctors Transportation Misc. Childhood […]


Sage District Farm: Chapter 9

Sage District School - District #6

Table of Contents The Move The House The Father The Mother Hay Maker Introducing Thelma Louise The Milk Strike Threshing Day The School Erin’s Story: Soaped After the Farm Chapter 9 – The School SAGE DISTRICT NO. 6.  The neat, white, one room school sat on the crest of the hill between Sawmill Road and […]