Kay Wheeler’s Memories: Part 1

Table of Contents Introduction John Henry Crouch and Eliza Ann View John Cook and Mary Frances McDermott Joseph Quigg and Mary Frances Cook Agnes, Edward, Marion and Butsy Quigg Harry Crouch Rose Esther Quigg Crouch Pre-Minetto Minetto Burt House River Road Crown Avenue Dolls Girl Scouts Education Swimming Skating Bridge Holidays Doctors Transportation Misc. Childhood […]


The Crouches of Hebron and Groton, Connecticut

War of 1812 Monument, Onondaga Hill - GMSC Production 2012

  While doing research on the Wheeler/Crouch surnames, Anita Wheeler provided me a packet of research previously compiled by Nellie M. Fisk in 1981.  Its obvious that she had spent a considerable amount of time on the Crouch family connection as it relates to Kathleen Crouch Wheeler. I’m posting her work below and will use […]