The Stagnitta Camp

This video was taken by Sam Fanizzi and features Joe, Joey and David fishing at camp. The second segment features what I think may be Joe’s father, Franklin and his wife Providenza, my I’m not sure. Unknown date and location.

Visiting the Mancuso’s

This video is taken of the Mancuso and Arrigo residence on Chestnut Hill Drive, Liverpool. Uncle Carmen and Aunt Lizzie, as well as Tony and Marie Arrigo are recognizable to me. I’m not sure about the other guests, perhaps Ferrante or Arrigos.

Czaja Graduation Party

Below is a short video from a joint party (Diane and Theresa) in 1968. This clip is shot in the backyard of Helen and Eddie’s house on West Matson Ave., Syracuse, probably by Sam Fanizzi. Nice to see many of the great aunts and uncles.

Stagnitta Fishing

In honor of the start of the fishing season, I’m posting a 1965 video featuring Joe Stagnitta’s fishing trip.  This video was converted from 8mm tape to MP4 format.  The original source was given to me by Margaret Fanizzi, with the original source taped by Sam Fanizzi.  I believe that Joey is the younger man […]

Theodore Storto’s Birthday

I’ve been working on an essay about the Central football team and the Storto boys.  While researching the topic, I touched base with my cousin Susan who’s father, Raymond Storto, had some video of one the games on an 8mm tape.  After digitizing it, I also found this hidden gem … The video is of […]