Ephraim Webster: Part 2

The Wife of Ephraim Webster (Syracuse Herald, 1915)

Table of Contents Childhood The Revolutionary War Post Revolutionary War The Birth of a Community Webster’s Wives The War of 1812 Webster’s Square Mile / Webster’s Half Mile Ephraim’s Death Rand Tract and Webster’s Pond Historical Legacy Works Cited The Birth of a Community “In the spring of 1788 Webster used his influence with the […]


The Crouches of Hebron and Groton, Connecticut

War of 1812 Monument, Onondaga Hill - GMSC Production 2012

  While doing research on the Wheeler/Crouch surnames, Anita Wheeler provided me a packet of research previously compiled by Nellie M. Fisk in 1981. ┬áIts obvious that she had spent a considerable amount of time on the Crouch family connection as it relates to Kathleen Crouch Wheeler. I’m posting her work below and will use […]